Senior Consultant Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Surgery Specialist

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About Dr. Bhupesh Singh

Dr. Bhupesh Singh is a senior consultant and practicing Ophthalmologist at Bharti Eye Hospital, New Delhi. He is a Cornea, cataract and refractive surgeon. He has done his post graduation from Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Sitapur. He did his comprehensive Ophthalmology and cornea fellowship from L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad. He did another fellowship in Cornea and Refractive surgery from Narayana Nethralaya, Bengaluru. He was also a visiting fellow at UCLA, California, USA and visiting Fellow at SNEC, Singapore. His primary areas of interest are cornea and Refractive surgery (LASIK, SMILE). He has a vast experience in managing challenging cataract surgeries. His expertise are phacoemulsification as well as Laser cataract surgery. As a cornea surgeon, he has performed a lot of corneal transplants (penetrating keratoplasty, endothelial keratoplasty, deep anterior keratoplasty) with extremely good results. He has managed many complicated corneal pathologies medically and surgically with extremely good outcomes. He is the only cornea surgeon in Delhi performing laser corneal transplants. He has been invited as a guest faculty to speak on different corneal and refractive surgery problems and their management nationally and internationally. He has trained many ophthalmologists in phacoemulsification and LASIK.


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Cornea Transplant
World Class Government Approved Cornea Transplant Facility Is Available At Bharti Eye Hospital.
Lasik Eye Surgery
1st Blade Less Cataract Surgery in North India. Get Freedom from Glasses with 100% Blade Free Lasik Technology.
Cataract Eye Surgery
Smile Eye Surgery
Bharti Eye Hospital Offers SMILE Or Small Incision Lenticule Extraction Which Was First Introduced In 2012.

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What Patients Says:

  • Ms. Nitu Singh
    Ms. Nitu Singh


    My father never really had any issues with his vision until he did. Now, as a responsible son, I had to take him to the best eye centre in Delhi – Eye Hospital. The front desk team did all they can to make my father feel welcomed. I too was astonished by the level of competence followed on-site and the overall response rate of the doctors working here. It is no wonder that people flock to the hospital to get treated. Anyway, my father was prescribed to go for LASIK eye surgery. The procedure is complete and my father is in recovery now. The results are promising and I have to thank the team at this Hospital for this.
  • Mr. Kuldeep Singh
    Mr. Kuldeep Singh


    After being in a car accident, I was slowly losing the vision in my left eye. I recently had an appointment with a revered eye specialist who told me that I would need to have a cornea transplant. I belong from a middle-class family hence; I had to make sure that the cost of the treatment should be within my budget. Thankfully, the eye specialist pointed me towards Bharti Eye Hospital and also informed me that their charges are reasonable. The transplant was a success and thankfully, the hospital has the most reasonable cornea transplant cost in India. I am satisfied with the care I received at Bharti Eye Hospital and for restoring my vision I thank them from the deepest corners of my heart.
  • Ms. Ishika Verma
    Ms. Ishika Verma

    I went to Bharti Eye Hospital for my mother's cataract surgery. I must say I never expected that check-ups and surgery are so systematic and quick. The surgery was over in 15 minutes, it was entirely painless for my mother, and she was very comfortable as no injections or stitches were needed. Excellent job!
  • Ms. Akansha Verma
    Ms. Akansha Verma


    If you are looking for the best place to have lasik surgery in Delhi then you got to choose Bharti Eye Hospital. My 18-year-old daughter wanted to bid farewell to her corrective eyeglasses. The only solution was to let her have LASIK eye surgery. I chose Bharti Eye Hospital as this is the place where I got treated for my vision problems. The procedure was a success and the best part the treatment didn’t bankrupt me!
  • Mr. Rajendra
    Mr. Rajendra

    I love coming here because staff here is extremely knowledgeable. From the front desk, to the techs, to the doctors, everyone does their jobs extremely well and makes an appt go smoothly. I've seen doctors and all other stuff are great.
  • Ms. Suman
    Ms. Suman

    The procedure was quick and easy, recovery time was extremely fast and I would recommend getting Cataract from Doctors from the hospital to everyone! I'm just sorry I didn't get Cataract sooner.
  • Ms. Anjali Bhardwaj
    Ms. Anjali Bhardwaj

    One of the best eye hospitals. The staff is very friendly, professional and cordial. Got my z-LASIK surgery done here. They are very patient friendly, helpful, cooperative and experienced doctor.
  • Mr. Sanjay
    Mr. Sanjay

    I had my Lasik surgery some days ago and I'm still amazed that I can see! I had bad eyes for about 18 years and 10 of those years I was almost legally blind. To be able to see crystal clear is such a beautiful feeling it makes me want to cry. I'll be thank you forever to the surgery team.
  • Ms. Farah
    Ms. Farah

    My mother needed a cornea transplant ASAP. We have been in an accident that caused severe damage to her left eye. I was frantically searching for a hospital that offered reliable services and that too at reasonable rates. Thankfully, one of my colleagues told me about Bharti Eye Hospital. I took his advice and I am glad that I did. The hospital is backed by an impressive team of doctors and the latest medical technology. The operation was a success and my mother will be discharged soon. She has regained her vision in her left eye. Thanks to all of you at Bharti Eye Hospital.
  • Mr. Subhash
    Mr. Subhash

    My sister, my dad and I all went to him for Lasik and PRK. They are the Best, hands down. I personally recommend this hospital to everyone who is considering Lasik.
  • Yugvir

    On the recommendation of my relatives I visited to this amazing hospital for cataract surgery of my grand mother. I am highly impressed with the behavior of the staff and doctors who has done an excellent FEMTO cataract surgery for my patient. She is very comfortable and happy. I highly appreciate the environment and the friendly attitude of all the staff.
  • Pooja Mahendra
    Pooja Mahendra

    Me and my family have taken multiple treatments at Dr. Bharti's clinic. Their diagnosis and treatment have always been on point. With its state of the art equipment and highly experienced staff, Bharti Eye Foundation is very trustworthy. Highly recommended!